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My name is Eric Bell, and I am a student in the UW iSchool's Master of Science in Information Management program, about to graduate in June. Welcome to my capstone project.

The current MSIM program is young, and its students pay the highest per-credit rate in the iSchool. Yet they have no MSIM-specific scholarships to aid them, while the Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program, with its century of history, has many.

This project aims to solve this ignominious predicament by challenging the alumni of our fine program to band together and endow a scholarship for future students. The goal is to raise $100,000 to endow this yet-to-be-named scholarship. That comes to less than $300 per graduate, or $15,000 per cohort. By endowing a scholarship, future MSIM students will benefit from you and your cohort's generosity forevermore.

You can help by contributing money, ideas, or networking effort.

By leveraging your memories, reviving contact with your cohort, and taking advantage of any potential matching gifts offered by your employer, you will establish a legacy for future MSIM students. And you have the chance to name the scholarship itself as well as decide the fate of my beard.

What's with the auctions?
There are two auctions: one for the scholarship name, one for Eric's beard. For each auction, you the audience and donor can make proposals. Then you and your friends will receive votes based on how much you donate, which you can use to promote your idea. The winning proposals will be carried out.

The two auctions:

  • What should this scholarship be called? Unlike things named after the one big donor, this campaign is about joining forces to become one big donor. With a little competitive incentives. This auction will begin in May.
  • What should Eric do with his beard? I have had a bush on my face for long enough. Upon graduating I will take it off. But how should I go about it? The results of this auction will be determined by the end of May.

For each auction, you may propose ideas. Then you (or anyone) can donate to the fund and receive a corresponding number of votes. Cast your votes (or lobby your friends to cast theirs) for the proposal you think is the most awesome.

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