About the scholarship.

Friend of MSIM
First of all, I really want to have a chance to see Eric's beard becoming birds net. From the past experience, I've seen Eri'c bread in different style for different holidays. But, most of the styles were for decoration purpose. It's great to see Eric's beard finally having the chance to contribute the nature. That is really awesome.

About the scholarship, I don't think the name will matter. I am more interesting on how the iSchool will make us want to contribute after graduation. I mean, it's a new program. There isn't much networking opportunity on career path. I once saw my friend flying from Pittsburg to Seattle for a networking with alumni. And that chance is officially held by school advisor. Not to mention about the school advisor joined the whole activity and worked very hard to match your ability and alumni who might need your ability. How cool is it? If I were my friend, those memory reminds me when every time I think my school.


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