real-bearded garden gnome visits centers of information

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Daniel Bjerre
a real-bearded garden gnome's journey to places of great information and technology innovation

Real-bearded traveling gnome & twitter feed.  You may known gnomes as small bearded creatures that stand watch in your neighbors garden.  But according to the great writer and linguist JRR Tolkien gnomes are the most gifted and technologically-minded of his elvish races.  Their original name, Quenya Noldor  means "those with knowledge".   Less known is that the only surviving gnomes, the garden variety, suffer from acute beard envy.  Yes they appear to have luxuriant beards, butin their hearts they know their beards are fake.  Their painted on beards are a just painful reminder of the great beards possessed by the famous gnomes of times past. 

Friends, this is our opportunity to endow a gnome with the real beard he deserves.  With the confidence the real beard endows him, the real-bearded gnome will embark upon a journey that takes him to places of great innovation in technology and information theory.  He will visit Microsoft campus in Redmond, Linus Torvald's house in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Apple headquarters in Cuppertino and of course Google in Mountain View.  He will attend talks by great thinkers including Richard Stallman and Lawrence Lessig.  Along the way he will used his app-phone to post pictures and updates to his twitter feed: RealBeardedGnome.

His journey will inspire legions of gnomes and humans to learn about and to embrace information technology!   Vote for this idea and suggest places for the gnome to go and thinkers he should visit!


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