Proposal Votessort icon Category Proponent(s) Comments Last comment author
Beardsley Scholarship 123 Scholarship name proposals Monica McCool '09, Emily Oxenford '11, and Rachel Elkington '08 0 Friend of the MSIM
The Future of MSIM Scholarship 114 Scholarship name proposals A bunch of MSIM at Finn MacCools 0 Friend of the MSIM
MSIM is Lame Scholarship 101 Scholarship name proposals Kevin C. Desouza 1 Kevin C. Desouza (not verified)
Clip-on padawan braids 51 Beard proposals Aaron Louie 1 Debra Otto (not verified)
BeardMirror: Through the Lens of the Beard 19 Beard proposals Emily Oxenford 1 oxenford
use to clean up oil spill 10 Beard proposals Phillip Cheung 2 Jonathan Betz-Zall UW MLib 76 (not verified)
Bird nest 3 Beard proposals Friend of the MSIM 1 Kath Gold (not verified)
MSIM Beard Memorial Scholarship 2 Scholarship name proposals ASIS+T UW 0 Friend of the MSIM
real-bearded garden gnome visits centers of information 1 Beard proposals Daniel Bjerre 0 bjerre
Beard Armor 0 Beard proposals 0 Friend of the MSIM
Donate to cancer patient 0 Beard proposals 2 Shy alum (not verified)
MSIM Growth & Advancement Scholarship 0 Scholarship name proposals [Three supporters required - please claim your proposal] 0 Friend of the MSIM
Harry Bruce: Dean and Barber Extraordinary 0 Beard proposals 0 Friend of the MSIM
Beard --> dean's neck tie 0 Beard proposals Ben Tucker, the guy with the beard, that Irish guy 0 Friend of the MSIM
Hair replacement 0 Beard proposals Paul Simons 0 Friend of the MSIM
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